Hello. They told me I had an hour to make a ridiculous hat, so that’s what I did. I’m always up for a challenge. Have a look around, see what I’ve been up to, then give me a shout if you think of something I can help you with…


I’m a visual artist and educator living on a beautiful hilltop near Hebden Bridge, in West Yorkshire.  A long, long time ago I studied Three Dimensional Design in Manchester, then went on to teach Art and Design to Secondary School pupils. As a teacher, I moved across to Manchester Art Gallery and into communities until I found myself where I am today.

I now work as a freelance artist, mostly within the field of outdoor arts. My work is really varied, I’m often busy preparing for community workshops, or making giant lantern puppets. Sometimes I’m glued to a screen, project managing or liasing with schools and community groups. Most of my work is collaborative and I’m really lucky to find myself part of some lovely teams with fantastic friends. Several times a year, you’ll spot me dancing down the streets in a ridiculous costume, parading at festivals and events.

I’ve recently become a bit excited about puppets and performance, so I’d like to explore that direction and see where it takes me. I’ll try to keep the blog updated with further adventures, join me there if you’d like to see what happens next.






I’m just using this website as a portfolio for my applications at the moment, so there’s no contact form yet. If you don’t already have my contact details and you’re really keen to get in touch, pop over to Instagram and send me a message there. Thanks!