Parades and Events

Nightfall Festival, December 2019

“The Hare and the Moon”, a gorgeous commission for Stellar Projects, debut shows were at Nightfall Festival in Stockton-on-Tees. It’s a warm and gentle encounter aimed at children and families, babies are besotted with the Moon!

Now taking bookings for events in 2021 and beyond.

This illuminated interactive street theatre piece was made with my lovely colleagues Mel Daniels and Rowan Taylor.
When all three of us get together there’s a little bit of magic in the air and a great deal of cackling so we’ve decided to name our company EYE OF NEWT.

More commissions in the pipeline, expect exciting things from us in the near future!

Bluedot Festival, July 2019

Working collaboratively with a team from Handmade Parade, I helped to build this Saturn V rocket to commemorate 50 years since the Moon Landing. We participated in the night parade and very much enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere and great programme at Bluedot.

Handmade Parade 2019, Hebden Bridge

As lead artists of section three, Bee Jasko and I worked together to build puppets, costumes and run public workshops. This year the parade told the tale of a girl going on an adventure through the deep dark European forest. Our section was the end of the story, when the girl had grown in wisdom and was ready to share her knowledge and kindness with families and community.

Members of the public could choose to be Owls, Deer or Foresters in this section. We also designed and made costumes for dancing arctic fire foxes and dressed the Ski Band as Hygge Bears. Our big makes were the giant female puppet and a set of three Forest Guardians.

Manchester Day Parade 2019

Kerith Ogden and I worked with the Manchester Indian Association to design and build this giant female figure for the Manchester Day Parade. It was great to work with Walk the Plank again, the Mayfield Depot workshop was buzzing with artistic activity and really interesting collaborative work. Parade day was glorious, it’s a real treat to be surrounded by music and dance from such a breadth of cultures.

Manchester Indian Association at Manchester Day Parade 2019 Photo Credit: Mark Waugh, Manchester Evening News
Photo credit: Mark Waugh, Manchester Evening News

This was my first solo large clay sculpt for papier-mâché. I love this process and can’t wait to do more!

Halifax Borough Market, December 2018

As part of a team from Handmade Parade, I helped to build a tree and star lanterns to decorate the market. We installed a selection of Handmade Parade lanterns and provided public bird-making workshops in the run up to Christmas.

Lamplighter Festival, December 2018

Zazelle and The Great Farini! A dancing bear and a chicken, plus giant cannon, obviously. This was a LOT of fun to make and perform, in collaboration with my brilliantly silly friends and colleagues, Rowan Taylor and Mel Daniels.

FLY! The South Pennines Kite Festival, September 2018

Handmade Parade, in conjunction with Pennine Prospects, produced this spectacular event on a hillside above Halifax, West Yorkshire. We spent over a year working with community groups, schools and at public workshops to create flags, banners, kites and all things flight related. It was a glorious day, lots of wind, lots of sunshine and fields full of happy people.

Bradford Bubble Up, September 2018

In collaboration with Cecil Green Arts, Handmade Parade worked with the local community in  Bradford to make costumes for a dance performance. We delivered workshops in Bradford library and on Bubble-Up event day

Darnhill Festival June 2018

Collaborative project with artist Laura Sutcliffe-Tasker, for Cartwheel Arts. We designed parade costumes for local school children and Brownies, which they made during workshops in the run up to the festival. The overall theme for the festival was “Nature” and we were asked to use the seasons as our inspiration.

Handmade Parade, June 2018

As assistant artist to Artistic Director Kerith Ogden, I was involved in delivering public workshops, making costumes and getting Clifford, Kerith’s  amazing lion puppet ready for showtime. My eldest daughter learned to stilt for this parade, I really enjoyed being involved with the stilting team this year. I also liaised with the local ballet school to bring their dancers into the parade for the first time.

Manchester Day Parade, June 2018

Working for Walk the Plank as assistant artist to Jonny Quick, I helped to make this tree of knowledge and giant puppet of the father of the Malayalam language. I learned about puppet construction in more detail while working on three parrot puppets and puppeteered with children from the community group during the parade.

I also assisted Rose Miller and really enjoyed painting these  jaguar masks for a Mexican dance piece.

Jaguar dance

TTour de Yorkshire, May 2018

On 6th May 2018, the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race passed through Hebden Bridge. Handmade Parade were commissioned by Hebden Royd Town Council to work with the local community and make roadside displays for the event. I worked with Francisca Sierevogel to project manage and deliver workshops to schools. Local children and adult volunteers made bunting, flags and banners.

Leeds Light Night, 2017

I was delighted to be part of the crew taking Joe, Kerith Ogden’s giant, for a walk around Leeds. It was a fantastic puppeteering experience, so lovely to be involved with such a spectacular performance.

Landlines and Watermarks commission for 509 Arts -“Grow with the flow”,  September 2017

Working with lead artist Alison Duddle, I built puppets and storytelling devices for this performance piece. The performance aspect of the show was developed alongside the making, Alison was very generous in allowing us to be part of this process and I’m really keen to explore this artistic practice  in greater depth.  This work was designed to accompany spoken word recordings of the people of Todmorden, in response to the devastating floods of 2015. We performed the show in Todmorden and at The People’s Fair inThe Piece Hall in Halifax.