2019 – New year, new website. Exciting times!

I’ m right on the edge of new adventures and so far 2019 has been filled with plots, plans, meetings and strategies. Lots of looking at screens, filling in forms, making notes and calculating budgets. I’ll be continuing to work on a huge variety of freelance projects but I’m pushing myself this year to chase my own ideas, too. I’ve teamed up with Rowan Taylor and Mel Daniels, and so far we’ve been brilliant at motivating each other to dream big and work hard. They’re both lovely, clever, funny women and they enjoy coffee and cake, so our meetings have been a cackling-filled joy.

Part of the planning process has been getting a support network in place and asking for help from the incredibly talented people we know. It’s been really heartening to realise how many artistic connections we have already and how generous those friends are with their time and expertise. I’m feeling very grateful, positive and excited. Here we go, 2019. Bring. It. On.